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Does rescuing someone have to be so sexy?



Or did it just happened because of Dobsley?

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Reblog and Spread the world!

Support Paul!!! 

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2014 Coachella Music Festival

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The deleted part from 3x01. I can’t believe the writers actually didn’t use this part. How freaking powerful is this scene omg. The way he just kneels to the ground and looks up. Hearing Elena’s voice was all he needed. No matter how much he tries to shut of his humanity, he just cant. This shows how much he loves her and misses her. Seriously, I can never understand why people just can’t see the beauty of Stelena. Look past Damon’s ass guys. I know he’s hot and all that, but is that kind of relationship you’d ever want with a person like Damon? I dont get it. My otp makes each other to live. Stelena FTW

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